Chamber cartel
CARTEL    kɑrˈtɛl
A special-interest group having a common cause.
Chamber Cartel is a band of musicians dedicated to seeking out the beautiful, strange, imaginative, and wonderous in contemporary music. We challenge the notion that classical music is boring, obtuse, and inaccessible. We seek to propagate New and Experimental music any- and every where we can. 

During our inaugural season, NON-STOP we presented twelve concerts of amazing music to audiences hungry for new sounds. We gave the Atlanta premiere of works by Feldman, Siegel, and Adams just to name a few.

In our second season, Where are we going? What are we doing?, we looked at where contemporary music has been and where it is going. We answered the latter question by recording our first CD, The Shape Distance - a piece written for us by our Composer-in-Association Mark Yeats.

In our third season, Arcana, we partnered with The Goat Farm Arts Center and guest artists from around the country to bring you the rare, wonderful, imaginative, and beautiful of Contemporary Music. 

Bhavana is our fourth incarnation. We’re cultivating New Ears with our podcast, and concerts, as well as bringing new works to life through our commissioning projects and Atlanta-premieres. We hope you’ll join us in developing this scene.

We have a composer-in-association now!
Check out Marc Yeats!

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